Our different kinds of cattle, Brahman, Simmentaler, Angus and the indigenous N´Guni cattle amongst others grow up with a lot of exercise. As a result their meat is very lean.

A speciality however is the N´Guni – it provides us with fine-fibred, delicately marbled meat which offers a very unique taste sensation. 

But that’s not all – game meat from the Kudu, warthog, Oryx or Eland antelope hunted ourselves is offered on our daily changing menu.


Eigene Rinderzucht macht Dornhügel zum besten Steakhaus Afrikas

Doch damit nicht genug – Wildfleisch vom Kudu, Warzenschwein, der Oryx- oder Eland-Antilope aus der eigenen Jagd steht ebenso auf der täglich wechselnden Speisekarte.


The best meat – prepared on our stone-built barbecue

Closely experience the preparation of your meals on the grill or in the Potjie, the traditional cast iron pot.

Find out more in the Dornhügel meat handbook, which also describes the various varieties of game that can be found on our farm.


Vegetarian dishes

Unser Gemüsegarten für vegetarische gerichte

Vegetarians will get their money’s worth as well, because our vegetable and herb garden as well as our fruit trees defy the Namibian drought. Melanie makes the most wonderful salads, juices and jams from our produce.


Home-made stone-oven pizza

Our smaller guests, and not just them, will appreciate our wood fired pizzas prepared with all the delicacies Dornhügel has to offer.